Michael Noer (2013)

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A genre almost single-handedly invented in the 1990s by Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn - the Danish drug-dealer movie - is given new depth in this intelligent and good-looking drama set in the struggling suburbs of Copenhagen. Charismatic teenager Casper (Gustav Dyekjaer Giese) is a petty criminal making ends meet to support his family when he is recruited into the service of local drug baron Bjorn. Casper's old boss, Jamal, is furious at the defection, setting in motion a turf war with serious consequences for the boy. A familiar tale, perhaps, but there's real character and emotion here, with stakes raised higher by the character of Casper's younger brother (played by Gustav's real-life sibling Oscar), whose innocent hero-worship leads him blindly into the crossfire. Gangster-movie boxes are duly ticked - hookers and cocaine are in plentiful supply - but this feels real and immediate, with Casper's youth and naivety bringing a rare sense of consequence and danger.


A teenage burglar uses his ill-gotten gains to support his mother and younger brother. Longing for a more profitable line of work, he gets involved with a gangster, but soon he and his sibling are in over their heads as they are drawn into a world of drugs and prostitution. Crime drama, starring real-life brothers Gustav and Oscar Dyekjaer Giese. In Danish.

Cast & Crew

Casper Gustav Dyekjaer Giese
Andy Oscar Dyekjaer Giese
Olivia Lene Maria Christensen
Freja Annemieke Bredahl Peppink
Robin Nicholas Westwood Kidd
Bjorn Roland Moller
Jamal Dulfi Al-Jabouri
Ali Ali Abdul Amir Najel
Irem Sandra El-Hussein
Theis Clement Black Petersen
Director Michael Noer
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Other Information

Language: DanishColourTheatrical distributor: ArrowGuidance: Swearing, drug abuse, some violence.Available on: DVDReleased on: 25 Jul 2014