The Secret War of Harry Frigg

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  • Jack Smight (1967)
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  • 109 min
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3 out of 5

Paul Newman was never fully convincing as a comedian, though he makes a fair stab at it here, as a deadbeat private whose one gift is the ability to escape from military prisons. Given the temporary rank of full general, he is sent to Italy to engineer the escape of five Allied generals, who are enjoying their imprisonment in a lavish villa owned by Countess Sylva Koscina. Written by Peter Stone - who wrote Charade - this is a generally jolly jape, lifted by some lovely turns from the supporting cast, notably John Williams as one of the two terribly English generals.

Plot Summary

Second World War comedy starring Paul Newman. Having been promoted from private to two star general, Harry Frigg gets himself deliberately taken prisoner by the Nazis, so he can mastermind the release of five Allied generals in a plush Italian PoW camp.

Cast and crew


Harry Frigg
Paul Newman
Countess di Montefiore
Sylva Koscina
General Armstrong
Andrew Duggan
General Pennypacker
Tom Bosley
General Mayhew
John Willams
General Cox-Roberts
Charles Gray
Colonel Ferrucci
Vito Scotti


Jack Smight

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Rank Film Dists Ltd