Knight of the Plains

Knight of the Plains

Sam Newfield (1939)

U Certificate


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Probably the most interesting fact about this B-western for viewers today is that it was co-produced by the great comedian Stan Laurel. It's a very average tale, featuring former opera singer-turned-singing cowboy Fred Scott, who's aided and abetted in his battle against villain John Merton by comic sidekick Al St John. Laurel's involvement seems to have been purely financial, and this is no different from other Scott star vehicles: it's mercifully short and has a sort of period charm, but is unlikely to convert new fans. B-western aficionados, however, will be delighted that films like this are now resurfacing.


A rancher comes to the aid of his neighbours when they attract the attentions of a gang of land grabbers. Western, starring Fred Scott, Al St John, Marion Weldon and John Merton.

Cast & Crew

Fred "Melody" Brent Fred Scott
"Fuzzy" Al St John
Gail Rand Marion Weldon
Clem Peterson Richard Cramer
Dan Carson / Pedro De Cordova John Merton
JC Rand Frank Larue
Director Sam Newfield
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Equity British Films Ltd