23 Paces to Baker Street

  • PG
  • Henry Hathaway (1956)
  • US
  • 98 min
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4 out of 5

Former musical star Van Johnson stars in this cracking London-set thriller, playing a blind playwright who overhears a kidnap plot. Londoners will enjoy seeing director Henry Hathaway's skewwhiff city geography, and there's a fair amount of traditional fog, too. But, despite the clichés, the suspense is kept taut, the English support cast is faultless and American import Vera Miles is notably sympathetic. This film was one of a series of 20th Century-Fox British-set movies made in the 1950s, which also included hits such as The Man Who Never Was and Sink the Bismarck!.

Plot Summary

Thriller starring Van Johnson and Vera Miles. Blind playwright Phillip Hannon overhears a kidnap and murder being planned, but when he approaches the police they politely dismiss his evidence. Assisted by his fiancée and his secretary, he attempts to solve the crime himself.

Cast and crew


Phillip Hannon
Van Johnson
Jean Lennox
Vera Miles
Bob Matthews
Cecil Parker
Miss Alice MacDonald
Patricia Laffan
Inspector Grovening
Maurice Denham
Estelle Winwood
Mr Murch / Joe
Liam Redmond


Henry Hathaway

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Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd
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Certificate PG