Hard Luck

Hard Luck

Mario Van Peebles (2006)

18 Certificate


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Uncertain whether it wants to be a gangsta movie, torture porn horror or offbeat comedy, this schizophrenic slice of straight-to-DVD exploitation from Mario Van Peebles doesn't satisfy as any of them. Wesley Snipes is Lucky, a former con gone straight who loses his wife during Hurricane Katrina and ends up back in a life of crime. On the run with two briefcases of stolen cash and a bickering Cuban stripper (Jacquelyn Quinones), he's pursued by corrupt cops. Meanwhile, serial killer Cybill Shepherd abducts and tortures scantily clad women with the help of her toyboy accomplice (James Liao). Overplaying the bizarre card, writer/director Van Peebles tries valiantly to wring cult potential out of the strangeness of it all - even roping in Luis Guzmán to play an over-the-top gay porn producer. But, despite trying hard, there's no disguising the fact that everyone here is down on their luck.


A reformed drug dealer tries to go straight, but eventually returns to a life of crime and finds himself forced to go on the run from the police and Mafia - but an encounter with two serial killers offers him the chance to become a hero. Crime thriller, starring Wesley Snipes, Cybill Shepherd, Kevin Chapman and Tony Hua.

Cast & Crew

Lucky Wesley Snipes
Cass Cybill Shepherd
Angela Jacquelyn Quinones
Chang James Liao
Rainn Aubrey Dollar
Roland Kevin Thoms
Sol Rosenbaum Noah Fleiss
Cobb Bill Cobbs
Franklin Kevin Chapman
Million Dollar Mendez Luis Guzman
Director Mario Van Peebles
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence and swearing.Available on: DVD