Project ALF

Project ALF

Dick Lowry (1996)

PG Certificate


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Spun off from a 1980s American television series, director Dick Lowry's unassuming sci-fi comedy about an furry orange extraterrestial - ALF stands for Alien Life Form - is amiable family fare. Here the wisecracking ET has close encounters with the military, who have taken him to a top-secret base for analysis; but others at the establishment wish to see him destroyed. Miguel Ferrer, Ed Begley Jr and Martin Sheen are the well known faces in an otherwise unfamiliar cast.


A lovable alien is captured by the US army who plan to destroy him, prompting two officers to come to his aid. Spin-off from the sci-fi comedy TV series, with Miguel Ferrer, Ed Begley Jr and Martin Sheen.

Cast & Crew

Dr Dexter Moyers Miguel Ferrer
Captain Rick Mulligan William O'Leary
Major Melissa Hill Jensen Daggett
Lieutenant Reese Scott Michael Campbell
Dr Warner Ed Begley Jr
Colonel MiIlfoil Martin Sheen
Director Dick Lowry
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour
Drama Comedy