Wild Hearts

  • Steve Boyum (2006)
  • US
  • 90 min
Wild Hearts
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2 out of 5

Still best known for playing John-Boy in the long-running TV series The Waltons, Richard Thomas returns to the great outdoors for this plot-heavy melodrama. He's typically decent as the LA cop who arrives in Hope, Montana, to take up the post of interim sheriff that was bequeathed to him, along with a mustang ranch, by his estranged father. However, he's soon struggling to cope with rebellious daughter Hallee Hirsh's disillusion with her new surroundings, the attentions of genial vet Nancy McKeon and the machinations of sinister property developer Joseph Culp. It's undemanding pulp, but entertaining enough.

Plot Summary

Drama starring Richard Thomas and Nancy McKeon. Widowed single father Bob Hart leaves behind his life as a Los Angeles cop and moves with his tearaway teenage daughter Madison to Montana, where his estranged father has left him a ranch. But the change in surroundings is to prove anything but restful.

Cast and crew


Bob Hart
Richard Thomas
Emily Benson
Nancy McKeon
Madison Hart
Hallee Hirsh
Hank Hughes
Geoffrey Lewis
Tim Carter
A J Trauth
Cody McMichael
Joseph Culp
Arliss Jenkins
James T Callahan
Gregg Martin


Steve Boyum

Other Information

Edited for violence and language.