None but the Brave

None but the Brave

Frank Sinatra (1965)

A Certificate


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This war movie is interesting less for the fact that it marked Frank Sinatra's only credited foray into film direction, but rather for the production set-up: a Warner Bros release of an Artanis (that's Sinatra backwards!)/Tokyo Eiga film - a genuine US/Japanese co-production, with the US side produced by Sinatra himself. You'd think, then, that Frank might have chosen a better tale to tell than this wartime morality chestnut about US and Japanese troops forced to co-exist on a remote Pacific island. Behind the camera, Sinatra manages moderately well, but the proceedings lose credibility during his time on screen as a pharmacist who's forced to amputate a Japanese soldier's leg. Several of Sinatra's friends and family turn up in the cast: there's his son-in-law (married to Nancy) Tommy Sands, Brad Dexter (who saved him from drowning) and protégé Tony Bill, Sinatra's brother in Come Blow Your Horn. The co-star is Clint Walker, who turns in a credible and sensitive performance.


American servicemen crash-land on a remote Pacific island and discover it is already occupied by a stranded Japanese platoon. Both sides grudgingly agree to suspend hostilities and tend their wounded - but only until radio communication is established and rescue arrives. Second World War adventure, directed by and starring Frank Sinatra, with Clint Walker, Tommy Sands, Brad Dexter, Tony Bill, Tatsuya Mihashi and Takeshi Kato.

Cast & Crew

Chief Pharmacist's Mate Maloney Frank Sinatra
Captain Dennis Bourke Clint Walker
Second Lieutenant Blair Tommy Sands
Sergeant Bleeker Brad Dexter
Air Crewman Keller Tony Bill
Lieutenant Kuroki Tatsuya Mihashi
Sergeant Tamura Takeshi Kato
Corporal Craddock Sammy Jackson
Corporal Ruffino Richard Bakalyan
Private Johnson Rafer Johnson
Director Frank Sinatra
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence. Available on: video and DVD