The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo

David Greene (1974)

U Certificate


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Richard Chamberlain is a sturdy Edmond Dantes in this lavish adaptation of the classic Alexandre Dumas tale about the disguised nobleman who exacts revenge on those who had him imprisoned. Director David Greene struggles with the more static jail sequences, but once the action switches to Paris he makes the most of the plush settings and the period costumes to bring the picture to life. Louis Jourdan (who played the lead in the 1961 French version) does well as De Villefort, but nearly spoiling everything is Tony Curtis who, as the villainous Mondego, confuses behaving like a star with acting.


A sailor is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, but escapes and goes in search of a lost treasure hoard. He uses the loot to create a new identity for himself as a nobleman so he can seek out those who betrayed him and get his revenge. Swashbuckling adventure based on Alexandre Dumas' novel, starring Richard Chamberlain, Tony Curtis, Trevor Howard and Donald Pleasence.

Cast & Crew

Edmond Dantes Richard Chamberlain
Mondego Tony Curtis
Abbé Faria Trevor Howard
De Villefort Louis Jourdan
Danglars Donald Pleasence
Mercedes Kate Nelligan
Jacopo Angelo Infante
Valentine De Villefort Taryn Power
Monsieur Morrell Harold Bromley
Andrea Bendetto Carlo Puri
Caderousse Alessio Orano
Hayde Isabelle De Valvert
Albert Mondego Dominic Guard
Director David Greene
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Other Information

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