Love's Unfolding Dream

Love's Unfolding Dream

Harvey Frost (2007)

PG Certificate


A woman in 19th-century America aspires to be a doctor and her dreams seem to come true when she nurses a wealthy socialite who offers to pay for her to enrol at medical school. However, an unexpected encounter with a handsome lawyer forces her to reconsider what she really wants. Period drama, starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Nancy Linehan Charles and Patrick Levis.

Cast & Crew

Belinda Tyler Scout Taylor-Compton
Virginia Stafford Smith Nancy Linehan Charles
Drew Simpson Patrick Levis
Missie Lahaye Tyler Erin Cottrell
Maddie Isaiah LaHaye Randall Bentley
Clark Davis Dale Midkiff
Marty Davis Samantha Smith
Charles Kent Paul Ganus
Director Harvey Frost
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