Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception

Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception

Christian I Nyby II (1990)

PG Certificate


A US Marine travels to France in search of an escaped Nazi. However, no sooner has he located his quarry, than the war criminal is murdered leaving the soldier the prime suspect. Enter the crusading attorney, who battles to prove his innocence - but to do so, he will have to uncover secrets buried for 45 years. Courtroom mystery, starring Raymond Burr, Ian McShane, William R Moses, Yvette Mimieux and Ian Bannen.

Cast & Crew

Perry Mason Raymond Burr
Andre Marchand Ian McShane
Ken Malansky William R Moses
Otto Rosen Ian Bannen
Danielle Altmann Yvette Mimieux
Della Street Barbara Hale
Curt Mitchell Terry O'Quinn
Marie Ramsey Marcy Walker
Helene Berman Teresa Wright
Director Christian I Nyby II
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