Winchester '73

  • U
  • Anthony Mann (1950)
  • US
  • 92 min
Winchester '73
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4 out of 5

The first of a marvellous series of movies pairing star James Stewart and director Anthony Mann, this western doesn't really tell the tale of "the gun that won the West". Instead, it focuses on the legendary "one in a thousand" perfect Winchester, seen here as a prize in a Dodge City shooting contest where Will Geer, as Wyatt Earp, presides over sharpshooters Stewart and a brilliantly sneering Stephen McNally. This is a fine, mature work: adult, intelligent and moral, creating a laconic new persona for the admirable Stewart. The brilliant black-and-white camerawork is by Garbo's favourite, William Daniels, and Mann's use of transition (dissolves, fades to black) is exemplary. Also, watch out for a pre-stardom Rock Hudson as Young Bull, and an even younger Tony Curtis as a cavalry trooper.

Plot Summary

Western starring James Stewart and Shelley Winters. Lin McAdam arrives in Dodge City in hot pursuit of his father's killer. He wins a coveted Winchester '73 rifle in the Fourth of July shooting contest, but the gun is stolen and McAdam sets about retrieving his prize.

Cast and crew


Lin McAdam
James Stewart
Lola Manners
Shelley Winters
Waco Johnny Dean
Dan Duryea
Dutch Henry Brown
Stephen McNally
Johnny "High Spade" Williams
Millard Mitchell
Steve Miller
Charles Drake
Joe Lamont
John McIntire
Wyatt Earp
Will Geer
Sergeant Wilkes
Jay C Flippen
Young Bull
Rock Hudson
Jack Rider
John Alexander (1)
Steve Brodie
Tony Curtis


Anthony Mann

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Black and White
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U