Fred Schepisi (1994)

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When Meg Ryan pulls into Tim Robbins's garage, it's love at first sight for the mechanic. But this romantic tale has an added twist, for Ryan happens to be the niece of Albert Einstein (as portrayed by Walter Matthau). Since Ryan is engaged to the pompous Stephen Fry (an unlikely bit of casting), Matthau decides to use his grey cells in the matchmaking department - a different theory of relativity - and help Robbins win the affections of Ryan. It's immaculately set in the 1950s, and the stars are well supported by the likes of Gene Saks (who directed Matthau in The Odd Couple) and Lou Jacobi, making this another treat from Roxanne director Fred Schepisi.


A woman is determined to find a husband as brainy as her famous uncle - who happens to be Albert Einstein. However, the famous scientist is convinced she would be better off with a humble car mechanic. Romantic comedy, starring Meg Ryan, Walter Matthau, Tim Robbins and Stephen Fry.

Cast & Crew

Catherine Boyd Meg Ryan
Ed Walters Tim Robbins
Albert Einstein Walter Matthau
Kurt Godel Lou Jacobi
Boris Podolsky Gene Saks
Nathan Liebknecht Joseph Maher
James Moreland Stephen Fry
Bob Walters Tony Shalhoub
Frank Frank Whaley
Louis Bamberger Charles Durning
Eisenhower Keene Curtis
Gretchen Alice Playten
Dennis Danny Zorn
Rose Helen Hanft
Duncan Roger Berlind
Secret Service agent Daniel Von Bargen
Director Fred Schepisi
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD