Valdez Is Coming

Valdez Is Coming

Edwin Sherin (1971)

AA Certificate


Our Score
This western is notable only for a performance of immense dignity from the great Burt Lancaster as a Mexican-American lawman bent on justice. An unlikely debut for Broadway theatre director Edwin Sherin, who fails to get the most out of the material and quite clearly has no cinema technique. Additionally, the film is crucially under-cast, with a far stronger screen presence than Jon Cypher required as Lancaster's adversary. Only Richard Jordan manages to register among the supports. Shot in Spain, this is a film from a period in Lancaster's career when he simply seemed glad to be working.


Mexican lawman Valdez is double-crossed and left for dead by a ruthless cattle baron, but returns to seek vengeance on his enemy. However, the rancher has the law on his side, so Valdez metes out his own form of justice by kidnapping his wife. Western adapted from an Elmore Leonard novel, starring Burt Lancaster, Susan Clark, Jon Cypher and Barton Heyman.

Cast & Crew

Bob Valdez Burt Lancaster
Gay Erin Susan Clark
Frank Tanner Jon Cypher
El Segundo Barton Heyman
Rl Davis Richard Jordan
Diego Frank Silvera
Mexican rider Hector Elizondo
Malson Phil Brown
Director Edwin Sherin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. LtdGuidance: May be edited for language, violence and sex scenes. Available on: DVD