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  • Antoine Fuqua (2007)
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  • 120 min
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3 out of 5

A kind of First Blood for the George W Bush era, Shooter is a conspiracy thriller-cum-action movie that's not afraid to wear its politics on its sleeve. When disillusioned former military sharpshooter Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) agrees to help the US government capture a sniper who's planning to kill the president, the scene is set for a Day of the Jackal-style confrontation. But Swagger's actually being set up as the assassin and has to go on the run to clear his name, and expose the conspiracy at the heart of the government. Wahlberg excels in this frantic action movie, his chisel-jawed features perfect for the veteran who has taken his war home with him. Director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) intersperses the gunfire with simplistic but hard-hitting asides about the Bush administration's declining fortunes. It's hardly The Parallax View, yet it hammers home its anger over the corruption of America's political elite with unerring accuracy.

Plot Summary

Action thriller starring Mark Wahlberg. US Army sniper Bob Lee Swagger has become a recluse after narrowly escaping death during a failed mission in Ethiopia. Persuaded out of retirement by a former colleague to help foil a plot to assassinate the US President, Swagger is horrified to discover that he's been set up as a patsy for the crime and is forced to go on the run.

Cast and crew


Bob Lee Swagger
Mark Wahlberg
Nick Memphis
Michael Pena
Colonel Isaac Johnson
Danny Glover
Sarah Fenn
Kate Mara
Jack Payne
Elias Koteas
Alourdes Galindo
Rhona Mitra
Louis Dobbler
Jonathan Walker
Howard Purnell
Justin Louis
Russ Turner
Tate Donovan
Michael Sandor
Rade Serbedzija
Senator Charles F Meachum
Ned Beatty
Mr Rate
Levon Helm


Antoine Fuqua

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Violence and swearing.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 13 Apr 2007
Certificate 15