Attack of the 50 Ft Woman

Attack of the 50 Ft Woman

Christopher Guest (1993)

12 Certificate


Our Score
A pointless revamp of the beloved 1958 cult classic that often looks cheesier than its inspiration. Daryl Hannah narrates and stars as the rich, unhappy wife, abused by both her unfaithful husband and her uncaring father, who takes revenge when she grows to monstrous proportions after being zapped by an alien ray. Christopher Guest (best known for This Is Spinal Tap and for being Jamie Lee Curtis's husband) directs half-heartedly, fluffing the humour, overdoing the women's lib angle and the 1950s sci-fi homages, and missing more satirical targets than he hits in a rather desperate attempt to match the fun incompetence of the original - only in the special effects area does he manage that!


A woman searching for her errant husband encounters aliens and begins to grow at an alarming rate - giving her the opportunity to take revenge on her philandering other half. Comedy remake of the 1950s sci-fi movie, starring Daryl Hannah, Daniel Baldwin, William Windom and Frances Fisher.

Cast & Crew

Actor Daryl Hannah
Actor Daniel Baldwin
Actor William Windom
Actor Frances Fisher
Director Christopher Guest

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Slightly edited for language, and contains brief nudity.Available on: video and DVD
Drama Comedy