Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

Bob Clark (1972)

15 Certificate
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A domineering director leads his troupe of actors into a cemetery at night, where they decide to dig up a corpse and perform a black magic ritual. However, desecrating the grave has a startling effect when the other bodies in the graveyard rise up as zombies to avenge the mistreatment of their fellow cadaver. Horror, starring Alan Ormsby and Valerie Mamches.

Cast & Crew

Alan Alan Ormsby
Val Valerie Mamches
Jeff Jeff Gillen
Anya Anya Ormsby
Paul Paul Cronin
Terry Jane Daly
Roy Roy Engleman
Orville Dunworth Seth Sklarey
Director Bob Clark
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Impact QuadrantAvailable on: DVD