A Christmas Romance

A Christmas Romance

Sheldon Larry (1994)

U Certificate


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This unashamedly schmaltzy modern spin on the Scrooge theme stars the eternally squeaky clean Olivia Newton-John. She plays a struggling single mother who receives a most unwelcome Christmas present: an eviction notice delivered personally by hard-hearted bank executive Gregory Harrison. However, he's trapped by a sudden snowstorm and gradually unfrozen by Newton-John and her young daughters. It's heart-warming stuff, even if director Sheldon Larry sprinkles too much sugar into the mix.


A selfish banker visits a single mother with the intention of repossessing her house, but his plans go awry as a snowstorm forces him to stay there and romance begins to blossom. Family drama, starring Olivia Newton-John and Gregory Harrison.

Cast & Crew

Julia Stonecypher Olivia Newton-John
Brian Harding Gregory Harrison
Deenie Stonecypher Chloe Lattanzi
Emily Rose Stonecypher Stephanie Sawyer
Mel Betsill Tom Heaton
Bert Betsill Stephen E Miller
OT Betsill Brent Stait
Margie Peterson Susan Astley
Mr Macklin Tom McBreath
Director Sheldon Larry
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD
Drama Children's