One Week

One Week

Buster Keaton (1920)

U Certificate


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Seven days of blissful mayhem for Buster Keaton fans as honeymooners Keaton and Sybil Sealy are given a home to assemble, only to watch it go cock-eyed because a rival to Buster has changed the numbers on the home components. The result is a lop-sided structure which gets swept away by an oncoming train. A tad mechanical, but some ground-breaking gags most of which are still used by comedians today.


Madcap comedy starring Buster Keaton as a newlywed attempting to put together a happy home for his blushing bride, but her jealous ex is determined to sabotage things, leading to chaos. With Sybil Seely and Joe Roberts.

Cast & Crew

Newlywed husband Buster Keaton
Newlywed wife Sybil Seeley
Piano mover Joe Roberts
Director Buster Keaton
Director Edward Cline

Other Information

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