Black Beauty (1994)

Black Beauty

Caroline Thompson (1994)

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This glossy reworking of Anna Sewell's much-filmed classic marked the directorial debut of Caroline Thompson, a writer whose successes include Edward Scissorhands and The Addams Family. She's no stranger to animals, either, having co-scripted Homeward Bound, Disney's remake of The Incredible Journey, and that experience is utilised to good effect here - the horses look superb and Beauty even sounds convincing thanks to Alan Cumming's clever voiceover. The largely British cast does its bit, too, with Sean Bean and David Thewlis revealing previously unsuspected soft centres. But the acting honours go to Peter Cook and Eleanor Bron as Lord and Lady Wexmire.



Cast & Crew

Farmer Grey Sean Bean
Jerry Barker David Thewlis
John Manly Jim Carter
Squire Gordon Peter Davison
Reuben Smith Alun Armstrong
Mr York John McEnery
Lady Wexmire Eleanor Bron
Lord Wexmire Peter Cook
Joe Green Andrew Knott
Black Beauty Alan Cumming
Director Caroline Thompson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray
Children's Drama