Life in Danger

Life in Danger

Terry Bishop (1959)

A Certificate


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As Alfred Hitchcock repeatedly demonstrated in films such as The Wrong Man, there is nothing more terrifying for the innocent than finding the evidence in a murder case irrefutably piling up against them while all attempts at establishing an alibi founder on the most unlikely caprices of fate. This is the situation confronting baby-faced Derren Nesbitt in this passable low-budget drama. Lacking the brooding intensity of Fritz Lang's M, the most chilling tale of child murder in screen history, this is still an effective exploration of lynch-mob mentality, made even more alarming by its picturesque country setting.


An Army officer persuades villagers to hunt a workman they wrongly suspect is a child-murderer - with terrifying results for all involved. Crime melodrama, starring Derren Nesbitt, Julie Hopkins and Howard Marion Crawford.

Cast & Crew

The Man Derren Nesbitt
Hazel Ashley Julie Hopkins
Major Peters Howard Marion-Crawford
Tom Baldwin Victor Brooks
Jack Ashley Jack Allen
Johnny Ashley Christopher Witty
Mrs Ashley Carmel McSharry
Jill Shadwell Mary Manson
Landlord Bruce Seton
Dr Nichols Peter Swanwick
Director Terry Bishop
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Parooch Films LtdAvailable on: DVD