The Incredibles

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  • Brad Bird (2004)
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  • 110 min
The Incredibles
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5 out of 5

Originally conceived as a hand-drawn project, this spectacular comic-book-style adventure is another triumph for Pixar's brand of computer-animated magic. Focusing solely on human characters for a change, this centres on Mr Incredible (voiced by Craig T Nelson), once one of the world's foremost superheroes, now an insurance agent living incognito in the suburbs (thanks to a super-litigious society having turned doing good deeds into an invitation for a lawsuit). But duty eventually calls and he's soon squeezing himself back into his old costume and fighting crime on the sly. With the Incredible family's talents incorporating everything from super-stretchability and amazing speed to Herculean strength and invisibility, the animators are given plenty of scope to dazzle, and they really go to town. As in his debut feature, The Iron Giant, writer/director Brad Bird instils his characters with genuine personalities, emotions and values. The film's slightly overlong, but its sophistication, wit and skill more than compensate.

Plot Summary

Animated comedy adventure from Monsters, Inc and Toy Story studio Pixar, featuring the voices of Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L Jackson. A family of superheroes struggles to fit in to normal suburban life after its amazing powers are outlawed. But the temptation to fight crime proves too strong for Mr Incredible.

Cast and crew


Bob Parr / Mr Incredible
Craig T Nelson
Helen Parr / Elastigirl
Holly Hunter
Lucius Best / Frozone
Samuel L Jackson
Buddy Pine / Syndrome
Jason Lee
Violet Parr
Sarah Vowell
Dashiell "Dash" Parr
Spencer Fox
Elizabeth Peña
Gilbert Huph
Wallace Shawn
The Underminer
John Ratzenberger
Muriel Hogenson
Jean Sincere
Bomb Voyage
Dominique Louis
Edna "E" Mode
Brad Bird


Brad Bird

Other Information

Colour and Black and White
Theatrical distributor: 
Buena Vista
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Released 19 Nov 2004
Certificate U