The Odd Angry Shot

The Odd Angry Shot

Tom Jeffrey (1979)

15 Certificate


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This Vietnam War movie fired off a barrage of controversy in its native Australia, with its story of a group of Aussie professional soldiers, bitterly complaining about a conflict they don't think is any of their business and feeling danger has been foisted on them by politicians back home. John Hargreaves and Bryan Brown are outstanding, despite having to play stereotypical boozing and brawling comrades, while director Tom Jeffrey catches the claustrophobia of the occasion as much as the violent action. To say it's like a Raoul Walsh war movie is to pay it a compliment.


Australian soldiers serving in the Vietnam War have little experience of combat and spend their days hiding in the jungles or drinking and gambling at their base camp. However, towards the end of their tour of duty, a fatal incident changes their attitude to the conflict, while their return home holds other surprises in store. Drama, starring John Hargreaves, Graham Kennedy and Bryan Brown.

Cast & Crew

Harry Graham Kennedy
Bung John Hargreaves
Bill John Jarratt
Rogers Bryan Brown
Dawson Graeme Blundell
Medic Richard Moir
Isaacs Brandon Burke
Scott Ian Gilmour
Director Tom Jeffrey
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence, swearing and sex scenes.Available on: video and DVD