Custer of the West

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  • Robert Siodmak (1967)
  • US / Sp
  • 135 min
Custer of the West
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3 out of 5

Intended as an epic spectacle, this became a miscasting mistake. British star Robert Shaw, as the native American-bashing general, is at odds with both accent and character, and the great film noir director Robert Siodmak - Phantom Lady, The Killers - has to make do with an inferior script that mixes fact with fiction. There are some fine battle sequences, though, and Custer's "Last Stand" makes a poignant finale, while Robert Ryan as an army deserter brands the screen with white-hot style.

Plot Summary

Western starring Robert Shaw. After brilliant military successes in the Civil War, General George Custer goes west to command the Seventh Cavalry and finds himself caught between warring tribes and the political needs of his superiors. The tense situation leads to the fateful Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Cast and crew


General George Custer
Robert Shaw
Elizabeth Custer
Mary Ure
Lieutenant Benteen
Jeffrey Hunter
Major Marcus Reno
Ty Hardin
Sergeant Mulligan
Robert Ryan
Lieutenant Howells
Charles Stalnaker
Sergeant Buckley
Robert Hall
General Philip Sheridan
Lawrence Tierney
Chief Dull Knife
Kieron Moore
Marc Lawrence (1)


Robert Siodmak

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Cinerama Ltd
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