The Fly

The Fly

Kurt Neumann (1958)

PG Certificate


Our Score
This is no match for the superior David Cronenberg remake, but it's still a slick slice of absurdist 1950s sci-fi in its own right. Based on a Playboy short story and with a script by Shogun writer James Clavell, the plot here sees matter-transmitter experiments giving Al Hedison (later David Hedison) the head and arm of a common house fly, while Vincent Price, as Hedison's brother, has histrionics about family curses. Enjoyable enough if you can ignore the inconsistencies of the premise, this plush flesh-crawler includes many marvellous moments to savour, not least of which are the fly's-eye prism view and the tiny half human/half fly trapped in a cobweb shrieking "Help me!".


A scientist's botched teleportation experiment results in his atoms getting mixed up with those of a fly, leaving his wife with a terrible choice - let him continue living in his mutated, dangerous state or put him out of his misery. Horror, starring David Hedison, Vincent Price and Herbert Marshall.

Cast & Crew

Andre David Hedison
Helene Patricia Owens
François Vincent Price
Inspector Charas Herbert Marshall
Emma Kathleen Freeman
Nurse Andersone Betty Lou Gerson
Philippe Charles Herbert
Dr Ejoute Eugene Borden
Gaston Torben Meyer
Director Kurt Neumann
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray