Her Fatal Flaw

  • George Mendeluk (2006)
  • US / Can
  • 96 min
Her Fatal Flaw
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2 out of 5

A Chicago lawyer's romantic nature threatens to be her undoing in this increasingly obvious yet watchable crime drama. Victoria Pratt is solidly engaging as the loved-up legal hotshot who puts her entire life on the line when she decides to professionally defend fiancé Vincent Spano after he's accused of murder. But while she determinedly butts heads with her prosecutor mentor (an effective William B Davis) in enjoyably rat-a-tat verbal exchanges that give the procedural scenes energy, the twisting script quickly challenges her convictions by casting doubt on both Spano's innocence and honesty. Soon lies, corruption and conspiracy abound; though the sense of intrigue they generate is cut short thanks to visual signposting and the unconvincing ease in which Pratt's character uncovers the truth.

Plot Summary

Thriller starring Victoria Pratt and Vincent Spano. A top lawyer risks her reputation when the man she is romantically involved with is charged with murder. She agrees to defend him and becomes his alibi for that night.

Cast and crew


Laney Hennessy
Victoria Pratt
Robert Genaro
Vincent Spano
Det Mark Farrow
Chris Kramer
Richard O'Brien
William B Davis
Keegan Connor Tracy


George Mendeluk

Other Information

Edited for violence, language and sex scenes.