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  • Marcos Siega (2004)
  • US
  • 89 min
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2 out of 5

Working from a script that is as clunky as its title, one-time Nickelodeon star Nick Cannon makes an unwelcome grab for the Beverly Hills Cop/Rush Hour audience in this lazy crime caper. He plays an ambitious uniformed cop who gets his big break when he convinces his superiors to let him go undercover at a private school to investigate the murder of a school reporter. The killing appears to be linked to a stolen car ring, but he discovers that the conspiracy goes deeper than that. Cannon co-executive produced so he has to accept some of the blame for the lack of laughs and thrills, leaving Hugh Bonneville to ham it up for all he's worth as the school's snobbish headmaster.

Plot Summary

Action comedy thriller starring Nick Cannon as young LA cop "Tre" Stokes whose fresh-faced look comes in handy when he is sent under cover at an elite school in order to break up a dangerous crime ring.

Cast and crew


Tracy "Tre" Stokes
Nick Cannon
Rob Donovan
Shawn Ashmore
Karen Lopez
Roselyn Sanchez
Lisa Brooks
Kelly Hu
Detective Gallecki
Ian Gomez
Headmaster Powers
Hugh Bonneville
Captain Delgado
Richard "Cheech" Marin


Marcos Siega

Other Information

Violence and swearing.
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Certificate 12
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