Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch

David Evans (4) (1996)

15 Certificate


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There isn't a single Arsenal fan who will forget Michael Thomas's last gasp-goal at Anfield on 26 May 1989. Precious few Liverpool supporters can erase its memory either - no matter how hard they try. That breakaway title winner provides the rousing finale to this hugely entertaining reworking of Nick Hornby's runaway bestseller. But although the film is based on a football fanatic's memoir, don't despair. Even if you don't know your left back from your Ian Wright, there's much more to this romantic comedy than football. It's a bit like a feature version of Men Behaving Badly, with Colin Firth and best buddy Mark Strong buzzing off to Highbury or being glued to the box, while girlfriend Ruth Gemmell and flatmate Holly Aird pass acerbic asides about how incapable the lads are of growing up - a particularly pressing problem for Firth, who is about to become a father. The presence of football, fads, fashion aberrations and long-gone TV shows will ensure this story is instantly recognisable, not only to men of a certain age, but also to their long-suffering and gently deriding female kin. There were those, however, who felt that there simply wasn't enough football in the film, particularly as the trainspotting-like attention to such details as team selection and kit colours was one of the joys of the book's total obsession with the beautiful game. But abandon all sense of betrayal, because Hornby wrote the screenplay himself and you can always return to your paperback once the credits start to roll.


A fanatical Arsenal supporter tries to convince his soccer-hating new girlfriend of the beautiful game's merits, but as he plans to move closer to the ground during a championship season, she is forced to consider that his beloved team means more to him than she does. Comedy starring Colin Firth, Ruth Gemmell, Neil Pearson, Holly Aird and Mark Strong.

Cast & Crew

Paul Ashworth Colin Firth
Sarah Hughes Ruth Gemmell
Paul's dad Neil Pearson
Paul's mum Lorraine Ashbourne
Steve Mark Strong
Jo Holly Aird
Ted, the headmaster Ken Stott
Ray, the governor Stephen Rea
Young Paul Luke Aikman
Robert Richard Claxton
Director David Evans (4)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains swearing.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray
Comedy Drama