Ambulance Girl

Ambulance Girl

Kathy Bates (2005)

PG Certificate


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Kathy Bates directs and stars in this offbeat comedy drama based on the memoir of Jane Stern - an American food critic who overcame clinical depression by becoming a Connecticut paramedic. But though Bates delivers a customarily warm and proficient lead performance, she's not quite as adept behind the camera. Too many visual techniques hinder the narrative, while the jarring mix of solemnity and near-slapstick gives the project an unpolished air that betrays its made-for-TV status. Nonetheless, Bates's genial presence ensures the film remains solidly engaging, even if its stylistic indecision dilutes the impact and believability of Stern's life-changing actions.


A food writer's life is blighted by a multitude of overwhelming phobias and marital difficulties - but she finds a way to triumph over her personal problems by becoming a volunteer paramedic. Fact-based drama, directed by and starring Kathy Bates, with Robin Thomas and Nathalie Toriel.

Cast & Crew

Jane Stern Kathy Bates
Michael Stern Robin Thomas
Walter Sean McCann
Pete Gordon Pinsent
Ed Wayne Best
Audrey Kristina Nicoll
Vince Milnik John Dunsworth
Dot Nathalie Toriel
Director Kathy Bates
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Language: EnglishColour