A Fight for Justice

A Fight for Justice

Waris Hussein (1997)

PG Certificate


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The prime reason for catching this lachrymose TV movie is an appearance by Bill Clinton, who gave director Waris Hussein permission to film for the first time inside the Oval Office. Clinton's only on screen for a matter of seconds, as he comforts cancer-stricken teenager Anna Chlumsky, but it's a landmark moment. However, time weighs heavily for the remainder of this melodrama (which is also known as A Fight for Justice), as Chlumsky's parents, John Ritter and Tess Harper, struggle for legal redress after Ritter loses his job and, thus, the medical insurance that alone can pay for his daughter's costly treatment.


A distressed man takes time off work to help look after his cancer-stricken daughter, only to be fired by his uncaring boss, prompting the start of a long legal battle which even attracts the President's attention. Fact-based drama, starring John Ritter, Tess Harper, Anna Chlumsky and Bill Clinton as himself.

Cast & Crew

Ed Chandler John Ritter
Joanna Chandler Tess Harper
Missy Chandler Anna Chlumsky
Melinda Sarah Chalke
Scott Karl David-Djerf
Robbie Kevin McNulty
Rick David Lewis
Himself Bill Clinton
Director Waris Hussein
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