Snakes on a Plane

  • 15
  • David R Ellis (2006)
  • US
  • 101 min
Snakes on a Plane
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Film Review
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2 out of 5

David R Ellis's much-anticipated slither-fest certainly generated a wave of internet hype, but this by-the-numbers thriller barely surpasses the standard of a straight-to-video movie. As the gimmicky title suggests, the poisonous reptiles are let loose on a Hawaii to LA flight. Their target is Nathan Phillips (Wolf Creek), the only witness in a major murder case, who is in the protective custody of FBI agent Samuel L Jackson. The script is a few one-liners short of an Airplane! sequel (and some of these were tailored to internet bloggers' suggestions), and the plot is as unconvincing as the CGI snakes that gorily strike the mile-high club's bevy of eccentric passengers. Once you're past the shock of a "snake shower" falling from the oxygen masks, repetition soon sets in, and the attacks merge into standard disaster movie fare, complete with plummeting aircraft. And, yes, stewardess Julianna Margulies does have to fly the plane.

Plot Summary

Action horror thriller starring Samuel L Jackson and Julianna Margulies. Grizzled FBI agent Neville Flynn is accompanying Mob murder witness Sean Jones on a flight from from Hawaii to Los Angeles, where Jones is due to testify against brutal crime boss Eddie Kim. But the aircraft holds a concealed cargo of lethal, aggressive reptiles.

Cast and crew


Neville Flynn
Samuel L Jackson
Claire Miller
Julianna Margulies
Sean Jones
Nathan Phillips
Hank Harris
Bobby Cannavale
Rachel Blanchard
Three G's
Flex Alexander
Kenan Thompson
Chen Leong
Terry Chen
Eddie Kim
Byron Lawson
Sunny Mabrey


David R Ellis

Other Information

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Violence, swearing, drug abuse, a sex scene and nudity.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 18 Aug 2006
Certificate 15