Cavalry Scout

Cavalry Scout

Lesley Selander (1951)

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This minor western, photographed in the elementary Cinecolor process, centres around the efforts of an army scout (granite-faced Rod Cameron) to prevent stolen Gatling guns from falling into the hands of hostile Indians. Audrey Long is the trader whose wagons are being surreptitiously used to transport weapons by villain James Millican. A nice touch is the deliberate destruction of the army's Gatlings so that they can't be used by either side.


A former Confederate officer changes sides, becoming a scout for the Union army. He is sent on a mission to recover three stolen gatling guns, which bandits intend to sell to hostile Sioux and Cheyenne tribes. Western, starring Rod Cameron, Audrey Long and Jim Davis.

Cast & Crew

Kirby Frye Rod Cameron
Claire Audrey Long
Lt Spaulding Jim Davis (1)
Martin Gavin James Millican
Barth James Arness
Varney John Doucette
Sgt Wilkins William "Bill" Phillips
Col Drumm Stephen Chase (1)
Corporal Rory Mallinson
Director Lesley Selander
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Assoc. British Pathe Ltd