The Masquerader

The Masquerader

Richard Wallace (1933)

PG Certificate


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Suave Ronald Colman essays a dual role in a virtual rehearsal for The Prisoner of Zenda four years later. Here he plays a drug-addicted MP who hires his cousin to impersonate him and make a major speech in parliament. Of course, this has a knock-on effect on his love life (can the lovely Elissa Landi tell them apart?) and his conniving butler (brilliant Halliwell Hobbes). Intelligent stuff, though a little creaky nowadays; if it seems a tad familiar, that's because it's based on a novel that had previous incarnations as a successful stage play and as a silent movie in 1922.


A drug-addicted member of Parliament is replaced by his lookalike journalist cousin, causing his loyal butler endless problems. Drama, starring Ronald Colman, Halliwell Hobbes, Elissa Landi and Juliette Compton.

Cast & Crew

Sir John Chilcote / John Loder Ronald Colman
Eve Chilcote Elissa Landi
Lady Joyce Juliette Compton
Brock Halliwell Hobbes
Fraser David Torrence
Lakely Creighton Hale
Director Richard Wallace
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video