A Time to Remember

A Time to Remember

John Putch (2003)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Heartwrenching themes are treated with welcome restraint in this understated family drama. Using a Thanksgiving reunion as the focal point, it stars Dana Delany as a bohemian artist and single parent who struggles to reconcile with her disapproving mother (Doris Roberts) after learning the elderly widow has Alzheimer's. Harsh words and painful truths naturally follow - but minus the usual avalanche of TV-movie schmaltz. Instead, sincere performances and sensitive direction add an air of authenticity to the simple plotline - the gradual emotional thawing of the terrified but acerbic Roberts is most sharp affecting - without being too manipulative. Nonetheless, a contrived final act heralds a predictable conclusion, although the convenience of events is somewhat mitigated by their fundamental warmth.


A middle-aged single mother returns under a cloud to the family home for Thanksgiving, where she tries to heal the fractured relationship between herself and her estranged mother. However, any possible reconciliation is threatened by an unexpected and dramatic development. Drama, starring Dana Delany, Doris Roberts, Megan Gallagher and Louise Fletcher.

Cast & Crew

Brit Calhoun Dana Delany
Maggie Calhoun Doris Roberts
Valetta Proctor Megan Gallagher
Billy Louise Fletcher
Dorothy Walderson Rosemary Forsyth
Nicholas Robert Bauer
Julian Proctor Erich Anderson
Director John Putch
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Language: EnglishColour