Last Holiday

Last Holiday

Henry Cass (1950)

U Certificate


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Perhaps not the first film that comes to mind at the mention of Alec Guinness but this is, nevertheless, an amiable ensemble affair. Guinness holds centre stage, as a stuffed shirt who, having been diagnosed with a fatal illness, discovers all-too-late that he's been missing out on the finer things in life. It's the supporting cast, however, that gives the film the animated gentility that is so achingly British. Kay Walsh, Wilfrid Hyde White, Sid James and Ernest Thesiger stand out among the eccentrics and everyday folk who populate JB Priestley's heart-warming script. Corny, perhaps, but for all that, rather nice.


A man believes he has a terminal disease, prompting him to embark on a final fling abroad. Comedy, starring Alec Guinness and Kay Walsh.

Cast & Crew

George Bird Alec Guinness
Sheila Rockingham Beatrice Campbell
Mrs Poole Kay Walsh
Inspector Wilton Bernard Lee
Chalfont Wilfrid Hyde White
Lady Oswington Muriel George
Joe Clarence Sidney James
Sir Trevor Lampington Ernest Thesiger
Director Henry Cass
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Assoc. British Pathe LtdAvailable on: DVD