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  • Robert Asher (1959)
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  • 99 min
Follow a Star
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2 out of 5

If you're reckless enough to follow the plot of this Norman Wisdom comedy, you'll find faint echoes of Singin' in the Rain - very faint. Wisdom plays the tailor's assistant who provides a singing voice for celebrity Jerry Desmonde to mime to, but he receives no reward for his services. Norman's humour knows no restraint or timing, which makes him schmaltzily tedious, especially as he can only sing in the presence of his girlfriend June Laverick, who's in a wheelchair. On the plus side, he has wonderful backing from British stalwarts such as Hattie Jacques, John Le Mesurier, Richard Wattis and Fenella Fielding.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Norman Wisdom. Would-be singer Norman Truscott is hired by a former star who secretly records Norman's vocal efforts and pretends they are his own.

Cast and crew


Norman Truscott
Norman Wisdom
June Laverick
Vernon Carew
Jerry Desmonde
Dymphna Dobson
Hattie Jacques
Dr Chatterway
Richard Wattis
Harold Franklin
Eddie Leslie
John Le Mesurier
Sydney Tafler
Lady Finchington
Fenella Fielding
Ron Moody
Stage manager
Joe Melia
Inebriated party guest
Dick Emery
Taciturn man at party
Charles Gray


Robert Asher

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Black and White
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Rank Film Dists Ltd
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U