Paul Greengrass (1989)

15 Certificate


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A sombre, unsettling account of a soldier who goes AWOL in the Falklands War and returns to his North Country village, with cruelly ironic consequences. Directed by former documentarist Paul Greengrass - who also co-wrote the proscribed book Spycatcher - it depicts the combat in First World War terms, rather like Joseph Losey's King and Country, but with the political complexity of a Vietnam. "The main character is a blank sheet of paper on which everyone writes their own ideas about the Falklands," said Greengrass, who went on to direct two of the Bourne films. He imbues the story with a wealth of religious imagery - walking on water, cruciform poses, resurrection - while examining a flagging nation's regeneration and the attendant jingoism.


A soldier goes missing during the Falklands War and is presumed dead. However, he later reappears, claiming to be suffering from amnesia. In an attempt to save themselves the embarrassment of explaining the situation, the British Army label the young man a deserter, leading to a tragic outcome. Drama, the debut of United 93 director Paul Greengrass, starring David Thewlis and Tom Bell.

Cast & Crew

Kevin Deakin David Thewlis
Mr Deakin Tom Bell
Mrs Deakin Rita Tushingham
Julie Rudi Davies
Gregory Deakin Michael Pollitt
Capt Sinclair William Hoyland
Cpl Byker Ewan Stewart
Slaven Christopher Fulford
Hibbert David Lonsdale
Bonner Peter Gunn
Director Paul Greengrass
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: St. Pancras FilmsGuidance: Contains violence.Available on: video and DVD