Poor Cow

Poor Cow

Ken Loach (1967)

15 Certificate


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After a spell at the BBC, Ken Loach made his feature debut with this adaptation of Nell Dunn's social realist (if unashamedly sensationalist) novel. The first of several films with working-class themes made by Loach, this isn't a patch on either his TV plays Up the Junction and Cathy Come Home, or his follow-up feature, Kes. This determinedly grim tale centres on the tangled love life of teenager Carol White, who turns to Terence Stamp after her thieving lover John Bindon is sent to prison. But only Queenie Watts impresses as White's prostitute aunt. Watch out for a debuting Malcolm McDowell.


A young mother lives in squalor with her good-for-nothing husband. Kitchen-sink drama directed by Ken Loach, starring Carol White and Terence Stamp.

Cast & Crew

Joy Carol White
Dave Terence Stamp
Tom John Bindon
Beryl Kate Williams
Aunt Emm Queenie Watts
Trixie Geraldine Sherman
Tom's friend James Beckett
Tom's friend Billy Murray
Billy Malcolm McDowell
Director Ken Loach
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