Flame of the Barbary Coast

Flame of the Barbary Coast

Joseph Kane (1945)

A Certificate


Our Score
This earthquake adventure isn't a patch on MGM's epic San Francisco, but it was a big picture for Republic and it was trumpeted as the studio's "tenth anniversary production". John Wayne excels himself as cattleman Duke Fergus, competing with slimy Joseph Schildkraut for the attentions of showgirl Ann Dvorak. The low budget is evident in the ropey old stock shots and inadequate sets, though the production received Oscar nominations for its sound and score. At least, Wayne is suitably rugged and there's plenty of knockabout action.


A cattle rancher falls for a San Francisco saloon-bar singer, but she proves to be in cahoots with a ruthless card sharp who wins all his money. Not to be outdone, he sets out to hone his card-playing skills for a rematch, unaware the city is poised on the brink of disaster. Romantic drama, starring John Wayne, Ann Dvorak and Joseph Schildkraut.

Cast & Crew

Duke Fergus John Wayne
Flaxen Tarry Ann Dvorak
Tito Morell Joseph Schildkraut
Smooth Wylie William Frawley
Rita Dane Virginia Grey
Cyrus Danver Russell Hicks
Byline Connors Jack Norton
Calico Jim Paul Fix
Dr Gorman Manart Kippen
Martha Eve Lynne
Disko Marc Lawrence (1)
Beulah Butterfly McQueen
Headwaiter Rex Lease
Cabby Hank Bell
Horseshoe Brown Al Murphy
Director Joseph Kane
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: British Lion Film Corp LtdAvailable on: video