Jackie Chan's First Strike

  • 12
  • Stanley Tong (1996)
  • HK / US
  • 80 min
Film Review
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2 out of 5

Placing less emphasis on kung fu action (although it does feature an amazing fight involving a stepladder) and more on spectacular stunts, this Jackie Chan comedy thriller is a Bondesque romp shot on location all over the globe. The idiotic plot has Chan playing a Hong Kong cop who is hired by both the CIA and Russian intelligence to recover a stolen nuclear warhead. The chase to get the weapon and capture a rogue CIA agent winds up in Melbourne where Chan is framed for murder and adds the police to his list of adversaries. As ever, the storyline is a thin excuse to string together a series of breathtaking action sequences.

Plot Summary

Action thriller starring Jackie Chan. On an assignment to track down an arms dealer in Australia, a Hong Kong policeman makes contact with the local Triad and discovers that the Russian intelligence officer who recruited him has criminal motives.

Cast and crew


Jackie Chan
Chen Chun Wu
Jackson Lou
Uncle Bill
Bill Tung
Colonel Gregor Yegorov
Jouri Petrov
Grishajeva Nonna
Golden Dragon Club Member
Aileen Sit
Golden Dragon Club Member
Chan Man Ching
Golden Dragon Club Member
Rocky Lai
Golden Dragon Club Member
Chan Wai To
John Eaves
Uncle Seven
Terry Woo


Stanley Tong

Other Information

Cantonese dubbed
Edited for violence and swearing.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate 12

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