Man without a Star

  • PG
  • King Vidor (1955)
  • US
  • 85 min
Man without a Star
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4 out of 5

This fine Technicolor western was made by King Vidor immediately before his War and Peace, and features the wonderful Kirk Douglas in an all-grinning, all-snarling portrayal, the kind of role he was born to play. He sings and strums a banjo, too! There's a tremendous sexual tension generated between Douglas and manipulative ranch owner Jeanne Crain that's reminiscent of Vidor's other two steamy dramas, Duel in the Sun and Ruby Gentry. The psychological slant is also cleverly integrated, as juvenile William Campbell idolises the rascally Douglas. There's some welcome by-play from Stagecoach's Claire Trevor as the other woman and a particularly nasty but important barbed wire whipping sequence. Universal remade this poorly in 1969 as A Man Called Gannon.

Plot Summary

Western starring Kirk Douglas and Jeanne Crain. Veteran Dempsey Rae sets about making a real cowboy out of youngster Jeff Jimson. They find work at the Big Triangle ranch, whose owner turns out to be a woman, the very determined Reed Bowman.

Cast and crew


Dempsey Rae
Kirk Douglas
Reed Bowman
Jeanne Crain
Claire Trevor
Steve Miles
Richard Boone
Jeff Jimson
William Campbell
Strap Davis
Jay C Flippen
Tess Cassidy
Myrna Hansen
Moccasin Mary
Mara Corday
Bill Cassidy
Eddy Waller


King Vidor

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General Film Dist Ltd
Some violence and sexual references.
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