Brave Warrior

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  • Spencer Gordon Bennet (1952)
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  • 72 min
Brave Warrior
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2 out of 5

US history receives a 1950s re-write in this exaggerated and slight western examining Shawnee Indian involvement in the 1812 territorial war between Britain and the US. Jay Silverheels - best known as Tonto in TV's The Lone Ranger - plays chief Tecumseh who's thrown into conflict with his venomous brother after the two take opposing sides. Yet despite his dignified performance, Silverheels is reduced to a stereotype thanks to an underdeveloped plot that continually proclaims the superiority of white culture. Elsewhere, unnatural acting is compounded by unrealistic dialogue that adds inadvertent humour to many sequences. Nonetheless, for a low-budget production, it's handsomely shot with brisk direction from genre veteran Spencer Gordon Bennet.

Plot Summary

Western starring Jon Hall and Jay Silverheels, who later played Tonto in The Lone Ranger television series. During the territorial battle with the British in 1812, a US governor tries to enlist the help of the Shawnee tribe through their chief's friendship with a white man.

Cast and crew


Steve Ruddell
Jon Hall
Laura Macgregor
Christine Larson
Chief Tecumseh
Jay Silverheels
The Prophet
Michael Ansara
Shayne Macgregor
Harry Cording
Gov William Henry Harrison
James Seay
Barney Demming
George Eldredge
General Proctor
Leslie Denison
Rory Mallinson
Rusty Wescoatt


Spencer Gordon Bennet

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