Scary or Die

Scary or Die

Bob Badway (2012)

18 Certificate
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Anthology of five horrific tales. A man undergoes a terrifying metamorphosis after being bitten by a clown, a corrupt cop tangles with an evil sorcerer, two strangers look for love in all the wrong places, a grandfather offers a sinister gift, and an invasion of zombies come over the Mexican border. Horror anthology, starring Corbin Bleu and Domiziano Arcangeli.

Cast & Crew

Emmett Corbin Bleu
The Clown Domiziano Arcangeli
Buck Bill Oberst
Det Franks Christopher Darga
Min-ah Alexandra Choi
The Walking Woman Shannon Bobo
Taejung Charles Rahi Chun
Bill Blotto Andrew Caldwell
Director Bob Badway
Director Michael Emanuel
Director Igor Meglic
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour