The Man Who Sued God

  • 15
  • Mark Joffe (2001)
  • Aus
  • 96 min
The Man Who Sued God
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3 out of 5

In this charming but sharp Capra-esque comedy from director Mark Joffe, a fisherman (Billy Connolly) is told that, since his boat was destroyed by an act of God, he will receive no insurance payout. Angered at the decision, he teams up with crusading journalist Judy Davis to challenge the system. Ultimately, the romantic subplot and the simplistic resolution sugar the pill, but this is still fine, feel-good entertainment that also manages to make some points about organised religion and the insurance industry.

Plot Summary

Comedy drama starring Billy Connolly and Judy Davis. When lawyer-turned-fisherman Steve Myers loses his boat in a storm he is refused an insurance payout because it is deemed an act of God. In an effort to get justice, Steve uses his litigation skills to take the Almighty to task.

Cast and crew


Steve Myers
Billy Connolly
Anna Redmond
Judy Davis
David Myers
Colin Friels
Gerry Ryan
Bille Brown
Jules Myers
Wendy Hughes
Blair Venn
Rebecca Myers
Emily Browning
Vincent Ball


Mark Joffe

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Feature Film
Violence, edited for some of its language.
Available on video and DVD
Released 22 Aug 2003
Certificate 15