The Escapist

  • 15
  • Rupert Wyatt (2007)
  • UK / Ire
  • 97 min
The Escapist
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3 out of 5

Writer/director Rupert Wyatt's feature debut begins with lifer convict Frank Perry (Brian Cox) attempting a break-out to be with his critically ill daughter. But what separates this prison thriller from more traditional jailbreak movies is the use of time-shifting flashbacks, as the tale cuts back and forth between the escape and earlier events. Having involved other inmates from the assortment of punks, bullies, drug dealers and drag queens inhabiting the cellblock corridors in key planning aspects, Perry's getaway through tunnel, sewer and underground train systems doesn't go quite as imagined. Unfortunately, the stylised, fractured structure tends to undercut the suspense, even though the redemptive finale reveals the unusual reason for its use. Nevertheless, Cox anchors the drama with a strong, silent mystique and there's sterling support from Steven Mackintosh (as a vindictive psycho) and Joseph Fiennes (as the muscle in Perry's crew).

Plot Summary

Prison thriller starring Brian Cox and Joseph Fiennes. Frank Perry is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole. When his daughter becomes critically ill, Frank is determined to see her. But will the group of misfits he asks to assist in a daring break-out help or hinder him?

Cast and crew


Frank Perry
Brian Cox
Lenny Drake
Joseph Fiennes
Liam Cunningham
Viv Batista
Seu Jorge
James Lacey
Dominic Cooper
Steven Mackintosh
Damian Lewis
Frank's wife
Bernadette McKenna
Frank's daughter
Eleanor McLynn
Phelim Drew


Rupert Wyatt

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Vertigo Distribution
Violence, swearing, drug abuse.
Available on DVD
Released 20 Jun 2008
Certificate 15
Contender Entertainment Group