Columbo: Old Fashioned Murder

Columbo: Old Fashioned Murder

Robert Douglas (1976)

PG Certificate


A woman who has devoted her life to running her family's museum is outraged when her brother decides to sell it. Knowing of someone with criminal connections, she arranges to have her brother killed. However, just when she starts to think she has got away with it, a certain shabby sleuth is assigned to the case. Crime drama, with Peter Falk, Joyce Van Patten, Celeste Holm and Tim O'Connor.

Cast & Crew

Lt Columbo Peter Falk
Ruth Lytton Joyce Van Patten
Mrs Brandt Celeste Holm
Edward Lytton Tim O'Connor
Milton Shaeffer Peter S Feibleman
Daryl Anthony Holland
Janie Brandt Jeannie Berlin
Sgt Miller Jon Miller
Director Robert Douglas
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