Christmas in Canaan

Christmas in Canaan

Neill Fearnley (2009)

PG Certificate


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Love is the glue in this warm but idealistic family heart-tugger, based on a novel co-written by country singer Kenny Rogers. Opening in 1960s Texas, it sees Billy Ray Cyrus's principled widower initiate an unlikely friendship between his farmboy son and a bookish black classmate when he forces them to spend time together as punishment for fighting each other. One injured puppy and some clunky acting and dialogue later, and the lads have naturally bonded for life: the first in a series of rushed and simplistic resolutions as the episodic narrative then leaps forward seven years. From here, the film covers so much ground that it barely does any event justice, sadly diluting the impact of even the most dramatic moments.


Two boys, one black and the other white, grow up in a racially divided Texas community in the 1960s. The pair take an instant dislike to each other, but their families are determined to end the conflict by forcing them to spend time together. The youngsters grow to become firm friends, but the tension among their neighbours is harder to resolve. Drama, with Jaishon Fisher and Zak Ludwig.

Cast & Crew

Daniel Burton Billy Ray Cyrus
Wylie Tom Heaton
Young Rodney Jaishon Fisher
Young DJ Zak Ludwig
Young Sarah Jessica Mcleod
Director Neill Fearnley
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Language: EnglishColour