Commando Leopard

Commando Leopard

Antonio Margheriti (1985)

15 Certificate


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Lewis Collins plays a mercenary trying to help a South American country rid itself of a brutal dictator, in this low-budget, low-effort Euro-action movie.


A tyrannical dictator dominates a Latin American country, but the notorious guerilla fighter `El Leopardo' organises the people into a resistance movement to fight back. Action adventure, starring Lewis Collins and Klaus Kinski. In Italian.

Cast & Crew

Carrasco Lewis Collins
Silveira Klaus Kinski
Maria Cristina Donadio
Padre Julio Manfred Lehmann
Smithy John Steiner
Jose Thomas Danneberg
Hidalgo Francis Derosa
Emiliano Alan C Walker
Director Antonio Margheriti
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Other Information

Language: Some dialogue dubbedColourGuidance: Violence.