The Case of Charles Peace

The Case of Charles Peace

Norman Lee (1949)

PG Certificate


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Made in 1949, this British crime yarn-cum-courtroom drama is a bit on the turgid side by modern standards. Described as "the Jekyll and Hyde of crime", Charles Peace was a notorious, real-life Victorian thief - artisan and family man by day, elusive master criminal by night. Moving to and fro between his murder trial and the events leading up to his incarceration, the film is too stiff and stodgy to rise above the routine, despite an impish performance by Michael Martin-Harvey as the pitiless Peace. More amazing is the fact this cold-blooded killer went on to become the hero of a children's comic strip in the 1960s.


Biopic of the notorious Victorian burglar who became a killer, while leading a respectable public life until he was held to account for his crimes. Starring Michael Martin Harvey, Chili Bouchier, Valentine Dyall and Bruce Belfrage.

Cast & Crew

Charles Peace Michael Martin Harvey
Katherine Dyson Chili Bouchier
Storyteller Sir Clement Barnes KC Valentine Dyall
Prosecution counsel Foster Bruce Belfrage
Director Norman Lee

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Monarch Film Corp LtdGuidance: Some violenceAvailable on: DVD