I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

  • 12
  • Dennis Dugan (2007)
  • US
  • 110 min
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Film Review
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1 out of 5

Adam Sandler and Kevin James star in this comedy of convenience, a silly, sometimes offensive look at a fake gay marriage instigated between two New York firefighting friends. When widower Larry (James) finds he cannot name his kids as his life insurance beneficiaries, his solution to overcome the red tape is to ask buddy Chuck (Sandler) to pretend to marry him. This begins the ridiculous ball of gay jokes rolling - a situation is so patently artificial that it's a wonder the city official (Steve Buscemi) investigating them needs to do any work at all. Despite a pro-gay finale, this is basically a flimsy collection of homosexual gags and stereotypical performances, none worse than Rob Schneider's cameo as a Japanese wedding chapel owner. Admittedly, James does a grand job in the middle of an unbelievable story, while Ving Rhames dignifies his role as "firefighter with a secret". But Dennis Dugan's comedy veers from sincere to stupid with such regularity that any good points the film makes are buried.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James. When widowed New York firefighter Larry Valentine is told that he can't name his children as life assurance beneficiaries unless he remarries, he asks devoted colleague and serial womaniser Chuck to pose as his civil partner. But the attention of an overzealous city official forces the pair to take their subterfuge a step further than they intended.

Cast and crew


Chuck Levine
Adam Sandler
Larry Valentine
Kevin James
Alex McDonough
Jessica Biel
Captain Tucker
Dan Aykroyd
Ving Rhames
Clint Fitzer
Steve Buscemi
Renaldo Pinera
Nicholas Turturro
Allen Covert
Benefits supervisor
Rachel Dratch
Councilman Banks
Richard Chamberlain


Dennis Dugan

Other Information

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Swearing, sexual references.
Available on DVD
Released 21 Sep 2007
Certificate 12